Dollar Store Dungeons: Your turn

Logo for dollar store dungeons, showing a $-shaped dungeon with various beasties and crannies

All ten of my items are posted now. For the record, they were:

  1. Dinosaurs! A couple nice plastic dinosaurs.
  2. Stance markers for Blade & Crown.
  3. Glass beads as cheap as they come.
  4. Die-cast vehicles for use in SF games.
  5. Chess for cheap minis.
  6. Paints to use with…
  7. Brushes to paint on…
  8. Dominoes to make cheap, easy gaming terrain.
  9. Pencils, because we always need pencils.
  10. Dry-erase board for tracking initiative, making little maps, etc.

In addition, I bought a few things I couldn’t help myself from buying: an extra set of stance markers, an extra set of dominoes and a set of the creepy-crawlies that John has already blogged about.

Really, I could probably do another set of ten. There were a lot of things I didn’t get: dice, playing cards, various office supplies, etc. etc.

Buying paint for the dominoes has recently got me thinking about miniatures a lot. Not that I use them all that often (and when I do, I pretty much exclusively use Lego minifigs). But I love the craft and artistry that goes into painting minis. Also, I have a box or two of minis that I inherited, and I’ve never gotten around to painting them, partially because I didn’t want to make the initial investment to get paints, brushes, mounting materials, a pin vise, etc. etc. But this project has me thinking about the prospect of getting into miniatures in an affordable way. So, since that initial trip, I’ve been prowling dollar stores for primer and other likely materials. A huge bag of sand, a giant wad of plant-like material (suitable for underbrush or a forest in minis terms) and many other items have been tempting me.

But anyway, that’s my initial set of ten items.

So, what about you? What cool stuff have you found in a dollar store? I’ll continue to update the Dollar Stores Dungeons project page — keep me updated on your discoveries!

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