Dollar Store Dungeons, part 10: Dry-erase board

Logo for dollar store dungeons, showing a $-shaped dungeon with various beasties and crannies

The last item in my Dollar Store Dungeons project: a whiteboard. Or, as the package says, a Dry Erase Board:

Photo of small dry erase board

And I suppose it really is a dry-erase board rather than a whiteboard, because the surface is actually a silver color, not white. (Sorry, the photo doesn’t show this very well.)

It comes with a (mostly dried up) dry erase marker with built-in eraser, and there are two pretty decent magnetic strips on the back. Its primary intention is probably for memos on the fridge at home.

I’ll use it for gaming, of course. Probably foremost to keep track of initiative order in Blade & Crown. It could also easily work for tracking mook stats, or for sketching out a simple map. And it would work great as a zone tracker in Fate or other games with similarly abstract mapping.

Dunno if the dry-erase surface will become ghosted or not, but even if it does… hey, it was only $1!

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