Dollar Store Dungeons, part 1: Dinosaurs!

Logo for dollar store dungeons, showing a $-shaped dungeon with various beasties and cranniesJohn and I went out to do our Dollar Store Dungeon run recently and came back with some great finds. Here’s my first item:

Photo of dollar store dinosaurs and tree

It may not be the largest assortment of dinosaurs (there were bags that had more dinosaurs in them), but what I got is pretty cool! A triceratops, a stegosaurus, and a pretty nice palm tree. For $1? I’ll take it!

The palm tree came with an extra frond, which I stuck to the top of the main trunk. Not totally realistic, but it seemed like the best place for it. I almost stabbed myself in the thumb pushing the frond onto the trunk — watch out! Palm trees can be sharp.

It looks like the dinosaurs are about to scale with 25mm figures and Lego minis, too! (As a silly aside, did you know that the spikes on the end of a stegosaur’s tail are actually called the thagomizer now?)

This find now has me raring to include these props in a game of Og. I may have to work them into my Con of the North game. And figure out how to make miniatures useful in Og. (And yes, Og is the kind of game where dinosaurs and early hominids can appear in the same game.)

Want to join Dollar Store Dungeons? See the project page and go find some treasures!


Dollar Store Dungeons, part 1: Dinosaurs! — 4 Comments

  1. Hehe, I think these would work wonderfully in Og. One way to use them is to just plunk them down on the table,quickly reminding the players that unless they know the word “dinosaur” they better not use it. One might say “Thing”, another might say “Food”, and another might say “Bang!”

    I’ll be doing my first Dollar Store Dungeons post this evening over on FATE SF. I may split them between that blog and The Everwayan.

  2. I played a great game at CotN several years ago, using plastic dinos. It was basically an Army Men scenario, during the Cold War in the 1960s, a U.S. special forces team is sent in to a tropical island in the Pacific to recover a spy satellite with microfilm. A Soviet team is there as well, but then they find out this is a island straight out of _The Land That Time Forgot_, complete with tyrannosaurus rex and apatosaurus. Totally fun.

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