Blade & Crown Open Thread 1: How are you using it?

Blade & Crown Open ThreadAfter some discussion last month, I realized that there’s no designated place on this blog to discuss Blade & Crown. So, with no further ado, here’s an open thread to do just that.

And here’s a discussion topic to start things off: What are you doing with Blade & Crown? Are you running games? Playing in a game? Planning something? What setting(s) are you using with it? Are you reading it? Using it for inspiration? I’d love to hear your answers!


Blade & Crown Open Thread 1: How are you using it? — 6 Comments

  1. Just picked up Blade & Crown the other day at DTRPG, and have some copies coming from Lulu. I’m really enjoying the reading so far – hope to run it in some local games soon. Right now, running something in the Harn setting, or something original, seems to be where I plan to go with it.

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