Convergence 2013, part 6: I’m Getting Too Old to Find Time to Game

My last panel of Convergence. This one also went pretty well. We started by discussing how different types of gaming are socially sanctioned. Are social games more acceptable somehow? What about games that are easier to interrupt with other activities? … Continue reading

Con of the North 2013 part IX: Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

The last game of the con for me was one of the highlights: the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator. This is an amazing computer-moderated game in which three to six (but ideally six) players take roles of the bridge crew of … Continue reading

Con of the North 2013, part IV: Lost Days of Memories and Madness

Saturday morning started nice and early with Lost Days of Memories and Madness, aka the Elf Memory Game. Eric facilitated this (it doesn’t have a traditional GM, though he knows the game best, so he was teaching us). The group … Continue reading