New Traits for Blade & Crown: Funny

I suppose an argument could be made that this Trait overlaps with some or another skill, but I think it’s clear enough that it’s a personality trait all its own:


You’re Funny. Other people often find your words or actions hilarious. Is it intention or not? Are you aware how funny you are?

Others may take you less than seriously. You might be clumsy — in words or movement — at inopportune times. It can be hard life as someone else’s comic relief.

But you may also bring increased joy to your compatriots, and you may be good at defusing tense situations. Your humor may hold hidden insights into the nature of things. You may be something of a holy fool, or a court jester, empowered to speak the truth where no one else can.

Could be fun to combine this with World-Weary or Serious. Hard to come up with dry enough humor on the fly, but if you can pull it off, it’d be great!

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