Con of the North 2015: What to run?

A compass roseAs with last year, I’m wondering what to run at next year’s Con of the North. Somehow the submission deadline always comes up too quickly!

Here’s what I’m thinking of so far:

  • The Dooms that Came to Chaegrae. This is kind of an experiment in high-powered Blade & Crown — PCs who are truly unafraid of mundane death, because they know their fates are glorious. There will be a tomb to explore and hopefully some good intra-party goofiness.
  • The Year-Song. A group of priests and their escorts travel against a background of civil war to learn an important religious ritual. What will test their faith?
  • Microscope. This is always fun, and sometimes very intense.
  • Og. Goofy, low-vocabulary fun.
  • Something else. Maybe The Quiet Year? Or Fiasco?

What do you think? If you plan to be at Con of the North and have preferences, let me know!

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