What to run at Con of the North 2014?

A compass roseCon of the North, the main gaming convention ’round these parts, has sent out the call for games for next year and (like the Everwayan) I’m considering what to run. Here are possibilities I’ve got stirring:

  • A murder mystery set in a monastery. This would be in Calteir, my main fantasy world, and use Blade & Crown. Clear inspiration from The Name of the Rose here.
  • Tenement Defense, the scenario I’ve described here before in which the PCs are a group of people living in a tenement, defending their home from rampaging adventurers. This would also be set in Calteir and use Blade & Crown.
  • Microscope. Nearly no prep, and it can always be fun, given the right group.
  • Og. This could also be a lot of fun in a con, assuming people can get into the right mood.

Not sure what I’ll go with yet… What do you think?


What to run at Con of the North 2014? — 2 Comments

  1. You should run all of them and be as crazy as The Everwayan. Seriously, they all look quite fantastic. The monastery one sounds like my favorite of the bunch, followed by tenement defense (that just sounds interesting!), but I’d play ’em all!

    • But wait… you’ve already played Tenement Defense! Maybe the description isn’t clear enough?

      I couldn’t possibly run them all, much as I might want to. The murder mystery has been percolating for a while, and I really want to run it, but it’ll require a lot of work — it’s not even vaguely close to ready yet.

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