CotN games?

A compass roseCon of the North decided to move to virtual next year. Which means I can actually attend, for the first time in many years. And that means I should start thinking of games to run. But my well of inspiration feels kinda dry. I could run one of the encounters/scenarios I’ve done with the long-term B&C group. I could playtest 8 Tokens some more. But there’s nothing that really grabs me.

(Why is the well of inspiration dry? I have two regular gaming groups, but we basically always play the same systems. I put a lot of creative effort into my regular B&C game, but that doesn’t necessarily inspire many side ideas. And since I haven’t been able to go to CotN in years, I haven’t had those ideas to bounce off of, either. And I feel kind of generally disconnected from gamerdom these days, so I’m not getting a lot of inspiration there, either. And I usually have several months to decide what I want to run, where this time it’s realistically more like a few weeks.)

Hmm. Will have to see if inspiration hits in the next couple weeks.


CotN games? — 2 Comments

  1. I’m feeling similarly. I want to be excited, but I feel like it’s going to be a bunch of tech troubleshooting but with people I’m far less invested in than my usual groups. It’s a coin toss for me whether I’ll attend or not. I probably won’t run anything.

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