Pre-gen PCs 2: Kathalla the Theologian

This is another of the pre-gen characters from my Medieval Mountain Monastery Mystery scenario.

Kathalla is not from Morensia, the main culture where the adventure is set; instead, she’s from a nearby kingdom that is, arguably, more advanced than the main culture. However, she practices the religion of the main culture, so she’s a sort of minority within a minority within a minority. Like a lot of religious practicioners from enclaves, she knows the religion better than those who practice the religion in the comfort of a majority setting. The combination of being more religiously knowledgeable and in some ways more culturally sophisticated than the people she lives among, yet inextricably linked to their culture, has given her a wry sense of humor and a critical eye. People have had a great amount of fun with this character.

Kathalla the Theologian

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