Lots to do before Con of the North

A compass roseCon of the North 2016 starts tomorrow, and I still have a lot to do:

  • Paint some markers for my Blade & Crown game
  • Transfer a bunch of prep to my netbook
  • Create one or two more PCs
  • Print all the PCs
  • Whip up a couple sheets of disposable NPCs
  • Print a few more player handouts
  • Give the mass combat rules a thorough review (I wrote them, but that doesn’t mean I memorized ’em!)
  • Put translations for the 美麗島風雲 Wonderful Island action cards their sleeves

In addition to the regular necessities of life! But all the prep is fun, and I’m sure I’ll be done in time. I’ve already created most of the B&C PCs, created a nifty mass combat tracking board, printed off some maps and — critically — written up most of the scenario. Both the games I’m running should be quite good.

Hopefully see you at the Con!

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