Con of the North: Get event requests in today!

Eek! Life is busy, and deadlines sneak up. I just realized that the deadline for event requests for Con of the North is today! If you’re planning to go and you haven’t already submitted your event picks, go to the online registration page and let them know which games you’re interested in.

I’m scheduled to run two games:

The Wonderful Island

A brilliant satire of Taiwanese politics: Gain votes through street campaigns, rallies, TV debates or just fighting in the legislature. Smear your opponents with a negative press campaign or publish a fake popularity poll – and never let your fellow politicians know which party you’re really working for. Whether you’re Green, Blue, or just a politician, you’ll love this game.

FRI22-24 (Friday 10pm-midnight)

With the national election coming up in just over a week, this is more topical than ever.

Blade & Crown: The Iron Moon

On the island of Morensia, a civil war is brewing. Your band of mercenaries, the Company of the Iron Moon, resolve to defend your home town of Chaegrae from marauders (read: other mercenaries). You have your small but dedicated force, your native knowledge of the area and half a town wall to work with. You must succeed — mercenary pride and your own life depend on it. Adventure in Calteir.

SAT18-22 (Saturday 6-10pm)

I’m hoping to have a nice, flavorful mix of mass combat and derring-do roleplaying in this one. Lots of chances for players to narrate the outcome.

And of course I’m hankering to play in many more. I hope to see you there!

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