Con of the North is nigh

A compass roseCon of the North is this weekend. I still have a fair amount to prepare for “The Dooms that Came to Chaegrae”:

  • Cards describing what different Trait ratings can do (designed, but not printed)
  • Character sheets (characters are basically done, I just need to fill out and print the sheets)
  • Calteir handouts (can always use a few more copies of this)
  • Illustration of the Tomb Edit: Done!
  • NPC sheet for the Demons
  • Transfer the adventure from one wiki to the other

But I’m getting close! And the Microscope game is, of course, extremely low prep.

Posts will be few and far between until after the Con, I suspect. See you on the other side.


Con of the North is nigh — 1 Comment

  1. Almost done with my prep. Embassy Crisis Sim is ready to go, and I’ve run through all the old Milton Bradley Command Heritage games. Reviewed the WWI aerial games I’ll actually deign to run (Wings of Glory/War, Flying Circus, the new Blue Max). Still need to finish the scenario design an major NPCs for Classified (aka James Bond 007 retro). And packed stuff by event…

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