Tip jar!

A coinLong story short: I’ve decided to add a tip jar to this site. It should appear in the right-hand toolbar.

More explanation: I’ve been pondering how to make more of a living from gaming. How would I do it?

  • Ads? I’m opposed to them in a whole bunch of ways for a whole bunch of reasons.
  • Publishing lots of games? Well, I’d rather do a few games well than keep pumping out products just to get paid, and that’s unfortunately what it’d take. I like to think that this blog is pretty high in quality, but it doesn’t generate much income.
  • Working at one of the big publishers? Probably not going to happen anytime soon.
  • Patreon? Very tempting, but I honestly can’t think of a way to work it. Funding per article? That creates a perverse incentive to write a bunch of short, shallow articles. Funding per X words? That just creates different perverse incentives. I’m still thinking heavily about this, but haven’t worked it out yet. I welcome your suggestions!
  • Kickstarter? The most tempting of the bunch. In fact, I have a Kickstarter project in the works, but I need to do quite a bit more before it’s ready for prime time. So, while Kickstarter might be on the horizon, it won’t work in the near-term.

For now, a tip jar seems like the right way to help make this blog lucrative. And it’s nice when creators get paid for creating!

So if I’ve helped enrich your gaming experiences somehow, please help me in return. Thanks! 🙂

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