Snippets from Calteir

Calteir wiki masthead imageNow that I have The Bandit Map published, my attention turns to the next big project: Calteir.

It’s a fantasy game setting I’ve been working on for many years. I developed it alongside Blade & Crown, but neither requires the other. It exists as a wiki, as I’ve mentioned here before. The wiki format allows easy cross-referencing, search and modification. Calteir is designed with adventure in mind, making life easy for the busy GM.

Calteir is analogous to early medieval Europe in terms of technology. The first culture I’ve detailed in Calteir is Morensia, which resembles 11th century England, with some important differences. But I think other cultures will not give such a Eurocentric feel.

There are many mysteries in Morensia and Calteir, from what happened to the Dwarves, to who will succeed King Perseda, to the very origin of humanity itself. Calteir is already very deep, and I hope to make it far deeper. There is a strong sense of place, and adventure lurks around every corner.

This is the first post in a series of snippets from Calteir, like hitting the “random article” button at Wikipedia. Hopefully this series will help give some of the flavor of Calteir, and entice you into wanting to know more!

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