Blade & Crown characters updated again

Illustration of a warhammerI’ve updated the sample Blade & Crown character downloads again. I found more typos in them last night. The joys of a single-person operation!

Please let me know if you find any other inaccuracies in the characters or any of the other downloads. Thanks!


Blade & Crown characters updated again — 3 Comments

    • One big thing is Traits. They’re kind of the core of the game, in a way. So try to make characters with Traits that will a) give them reason to care about the other characters and b) lead them to do adventurous things in interesting ways.

      Some other things to make sure everyone remembers: you get XP when you use your Traits negatively; you can use Traits after your initial roll; you can change your Traits if everyone at the table agrees it makes sense; and remember the +1 modifier for evocative and original descriptions (it often makes the difference between success and stalemate).

      Take a look at the sample characters I mentioned above, and try to read through the example of play in the book; I tried to fit most of the major sub-systems into it.

      And keep me updated on how your campaign goes! I’m excited to hear about your adventures with Blade & Crown.

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