Con of the North 2014: Looking ahead

A compass roseThis week, the program book for Con of the North 2014 arrived. It’s big! It feels like there are a lot more games than in recent years. There are tons of RPGs, boardgames and other things on offer, including many nifty indie RPGs; there’s a pretty strong track of Tekumel games; and it looks like Artemis Starship Bridge Simulator will be running almost the entire weekend. Lots of great games, which means lots of hard choices!

I’m running three games:

Og Fun! You Play Og.

Og is a hilarious game in which vocabulary is precious and life is silly: You cave person. Big hungry smell thing want eat you. What you do? Friday 6-8pm

This should be a nice goofy diversion. Who knows what adventures will unfold: trying to obtain honey, trying not to get lost in a blizzard, or maybe just hunting mastodons without getting stomped?

The Mountain Monastery Mystery

Religious worthies of the Sisters of Faenwitha have gathered from all over Morensia to discuss a weighty matter: whom the Temples will support in the looming war. But now someone has started trying to win the argument through murder. Can you solve the mystery before the peaceful meeting erupts in a blaze? Maturity regarding LGBT themes required; Saturday 2-6pm.

Lots of inspiration here The Name of the Rose, as I mentioned before.


Come create a world with us! We will start with the kernel of an idea, then build a vast, wondrous chronology around it. From broad periods to decisive scenes, we’ll weave a tapestry of fascinating events. Play Microscope and make history! Sunday 2-6pm.

Always fun; can be hard to get the right mood with a group, so I may find ways to increase the palette size.

I’d love to see you there, and to have you in one of my games! Now please excuse me while I go bury my nose in the program book…


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  1. I was impressed by the offerings too! And how many things I want to game in that are booked in conflict with things I am running OR with OTHER things I want to play in! Should be a good convention!

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