How to invoke that item?

Image of a mystic glyphHow do you invoke an enchanted item? I always want magic to be evocative, and to help the players become more invested in the situation. For those reasons, just saying “I use my staff on the bad guy” seems… boring. What interesting ways are there to invoke an enchanted item?

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Kindly ask the item, in an ancient tongue, for what you wish it to do.
  2. Compose a poem demonstrating to the Powers of the item how deep your commitment is.
  3. Repeat the names of everyone who has ever owned the item, giving special emphasis to those who used it as you intend to now.
  4. Burn a cube of incense, take some of the smoke into your mouth, and speak your intentions while blowing smoke onto the object.
  5. Engage in epic debate with the Powers of the item, convincing them to help you with as few preconditions as possible.
  6. Hold the item up to the constellation of the Great Ark, such that you can see the light from the three brightest stars of the constellation through the gems of the item.
  7. Immerse the item in water gathered at the confluence of three great rivers.
  8. Describe how you enter a trance while holding the item, and the various pleasant fragrances it emits as it takes effect.
  9. Do something kind for someone while holding the object.
  10. Draw a mystic glyph in the ground with the item, and draw it for your fellow players to see.
  11. Use the item as a musical instrument and compose a song describing your wishes.
  12. Use one of your Traits and explain how this force of personality helps drive the enchantment.

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