Blade & Crown: The Bandit Map

Cropped illustration of the Seat of ResolveI’m currently working on a full-fledged adventure for Blade & Crown called The Bandit Map. It starts when the PCs discover a mysterious scrap of paper. They soon learn that the paper holds the key to stopping the bandit attacks that have been troubling the area for years. Will they do it through force of arms? Or through strength of commitment?

There are dangerous ruins along the way, and extensive details for the bandits and their lair. It will include great maps and illustrations, NPC cards, disposable NPC sheets and more, totaling 24 pages of amazing adventure. I hope to have it ready for purchase within a month or two. More updates to come!

Update, 2013 November: Life has been hectic, and I haven’t had time to get it into shape for publication yet. I still hope to do so this year, though.

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