Gaming tools: The big dice bag

Photo of my big dice bag

My main dice bag and its contents

Like a lot of gamers, I have a lot of dice. I even have a set of spares that I keep at home. But I carry my main set with me in a large, purple leather bag.

I used to carry far fewer dice with me, but as I started GMing Blade & Crown more, I found that I needed multiple sets of things: my personal dice; glass beads; and ‘loaner dice’ that I could lend to players who didn’t happen to have a handful of D10s and a D12. In the dealers’ room at Convergence one year, I bought a nice big purple bag; it soon became my main dice bag.

It’s quite large: it’d probably hold a couple hundred dice, if that were all I wanted to keep in it. The drawstrings are nice and heavy, apparently cotton, with wooden aglet-things at the ends. The grommets seem quite strong.

Photo of my main dice bag, full

Capacious it is

The bag is made of suede leather, which makes it very tough. The finish, however, isn’t ideal; it picks up dust and crumbs very easily. Since I keep it in my daily-use messenger bag, it attracts a constant stream of schmutz. So were I to look again, I’d probably want a different material. Leather’s good, but not this kind of leather.

The strings, being quite thick, also don’t stay closed very well. The bags requires double-knotting to stay tied up. A slight annoyance, that’s all.

It’s a very trusty bag, overall, and I’m glad to have it. I suppose I should’ve kept the name of the dealer! But they’d probably be easy to find again at Convergence.

Again a delay between posts — apologies. Posts will probably be rare until after Con of the North.

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