8 Tokens: Character ideas

A pile of glass beads, all quite shiny, in green, deep cobalt blue, clear, and teal.I got to do a playtest of 8 Tokens. More about that later, but one specific piece of feedback: I needed to come up with more examples of things to be good at. So, here are a few:

  1. Acting convincingly with an audience
  2. Baking delicious pastries without any gluten
  3. Blasting asteroid worms with my beat-up old planet-hopper
  4. Bringing people together with sympathy
  5. Casting nature magic with drops of pure water
  6. Charting courses through the Warp without a stellamat
  7. Clearing obstacles with my holospanner
  8. Convincing people with my sugary words
  9. Copying documents without any noticeable difference
  10. Creating haute couture outfits without spending much money at all
  11. Delving into ice caves with my trusty ice axe
  12. Destroying fascists with my fists
  13. Dispatching ne’er-do-wells with my sonic lance
  14. Doing scientific field research with great insight
  15. Explaining complex concepts without being too wordy
  16. Expressing what’s in my heart with acrylics
  17. Facing the infinite void without losing my mind
  18. Ferreting out the truth with my keen reporting instincts
  19. Fighting for the oppressed with every fiber of my being
  20. Going toe-to-toe with Aglarian gladiators
  21. Hunting wild animals without any tools
  22. Ingesting large amounts of information without forgetting any of it
  23. Making friends with my enemies
  24. Navigating bureaucracy without breaking a sweat
  25. Performing surgery with appropriate instruments
  26. Playing boardgames with strategic acumen
  27. Probing corporate mainframes with my trusty cyberdeck
  28. Racing the streets of Mirror City with my grav scooter
  29. Repairing household appliances without breaking code
  30. Skin-diving for minutes on end without losing consciousness
  31. Solving crimes with rugged, steely attitude
  32. Sneaking in the dark without a sound
  33. Speaking alien languages without a holotranslator
  34. Staying serene with my Mitrika training
  35. Swooping elegantly with my arm-flyers
  36. Walking the lonely roads with my rifle and a heavy heart

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