How do you add flavor to an Awareness roll?

A person's eye, with another person reflected withinOne common problem for B&C players is how to use the Variation Die when they’re rolling for Awareness. You don’t know what you’ve noticed yet, if anything, so how can you narrate the way you’re trying to notice things?

  1. My eyes narrow and I stare intently ahead.
  2. I still my inner thoughts and concentrate on what is happening outside myself.
  3. I appear not to be paying any attention, but actually I’m noticing subtle details.
  4. My eyes dart to and fro, quickly taking in the scene.
  5. I stare, unblinking, for fully half a minute.
  6. I remember the last time I was here and notice each detail that has changed.
  7. I go silent for a few moments as I try to put two and two together.
  8. I take a few deep breaths and smell the air as I do.
  9. I listen to the ambient noise, both loud and quiet.
  10. I tune into the deeper rhythms of what is going on around me.
  11. My ears perk up like those of a fox as I listen.
  12. I’m not paying attention; I’m relying purely on serendipity.

Hopefully those will give some inspiration.


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