Calteir: Morensia map revision done!

The main focus of my development for Calteir has long since been Morensia, a semi-unified island country in the north. For nearly four years now, my monthly Blade & Crown group has been adventuring in one tiny corner of this kingdom. There’s a lot to explore in Morensia.

As part of detailing the island, I’ve created a meticulous map of it. For the past year or so, I’ve been reworking the map to get the distribution of settlements to feel a bit more natural, tweak some of the bridge and ford placement and generally make it feel more realistic and consistent.

Here’s a sample, the Gyrshar region of southwest Morensia:

Sample from the Morensia map showing part of the Gyshar region

This sample is, by area, only about 0.1% of the total map; Morensia has a lot of terrain to explore.

I’ll probably continue to tweak the map over time — I keep finding small things that could use a little reworking — but now my main focus shifts to writing up all of it in more detail. It feels good to have the main revisions done; few things are more satisfying than creating a giant, evocative map.

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