Pre-gen PCs 1: Pijada the Ex-Warrior

I continue to work hard on Calteir. I have big plans for this over the next month or so, meaning that posting here is only occasional. Mountains on the main Calteir map are the big focus right now.

So I’m going to do something I’ve talked about for a while: post some additional PCs to use with B&C. The first bunch will be characters from the Mountain Monastery Mystery. All of them, save one, are trans women; some have completed their Great Work, some have not.

This first one is an ex-warrior, now trying to do penance for her part in causing so much death. Players have had a great time with this character — the highly capable soldier trying to keep up a mien of placidity is lots of fun. Will she resort to using her formidable martial prowess? Or will she keep it all under control and solve the mystery without resorting to bloodshed?

Pijada the Ex-warrior

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