Another new FLGS: Mead Hall

Minneapolis is kind of an amazing place. I’ve lived in other towns and been happy to find that there was a gaming scene at all. I’ve lived in places where the nearest FLGS wasn’t very L at all, often being an hour drive or more away. But in Minneapolis, there are so many FLGSs that I literally can’t keep track of them all. Tonight was a case in point. While wandering around looking for a particular restaurant, I discovered that there’s a new FLGS in town: Mead Hall Games & Comics. They’re located at the corner of 15th Street and LaSalle Avenue, near downtown and Eat Street.

The fine sign of Mead Hall

It’s a pretty cozy basement space, with a few dozen games, primarily boardgames, and a rack or two of comics. Their RPG section was one shelf, mostly D&D. But they had a good selection of Magic: the Gathering supplies, including a nifty old-style card cabinet converted into filing for M:tG cards. The place was hopping with Friday Night Magic players — probably a couple dozen. (It’s possible they’d cleared away more games & comics than I saw — I didn’t stick around to chat much.)

I chatted with a couple staff people, and they said they’re in the process of putting in nice wood floors, and that they’ve only been open a year, so there are clearly great things in their future. I bought a pack of D10s — I always try to support FLGSs when I can, especially when I first discover them — and headed off to the restaurant, but not before taking a few photos.

Here are a couple of the staff busy with business.

Two of the staff busy running the business

They have outdoor gaming space! How cool is that?

Photo of gaming space outside Mead Hall, outdoors and under decorative lights

I haven’t done calculations, but I think Mead Hall may now be the closest FLGS to my house. Sometimes I really love the gaming community here!

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