The Erethane religion

This is an example religion for Blade & Crown, taken from my campaign world Calteir.


Scattered in small communities throughout the Archipelago, including Sashtia and Morensia, there are people who practice the Erethane religion. The Erethanes believe that there are three basic principles in the world: the Dark, the Light and the Grey:

  • The Dark is the source of all things, the original progenitor of all that is, and the font of all primal potency.
  • The Light is the order-giver, the law-maker, the one who fosters growth.
  • The Grey is the delicate balance between the two, the repository of wisdom, and the primary source of humanity.

The Dark is symbolized by the Whirlpool (the great shape that appears in the night sky), which is the source of all things. The Light is symbolized by the Sun, which nourishes and guides all things. The Grey is symbolized by the Veil (Calteir’s main moon), which watches over all things and notes their passing.

One version of the Erethane holy symbol

One version of the Erethane holy symbol

Erethane holy symbols are three circles touching in the middle. Particularly elaborate symbols have silver for the Dark, gold for the Light and lapis lazuli for the Grey. The principles are personified as an inhumanly tall person wearing all white robes, including a veil over the face, but with a black sash; an impossibly tall person wearing all black, including a veil, but holding a lantern out of which hints of light can be seen; and a person of normal height holding a book.

The Erethane religion is heavily based on songs, many of which are quite elaborate. Important times in the Erethane religion are almost always accompanied by singing. Many people consider sound itself to be the means by which the Balance is achieved.

There are historical hints that the Erethanes were once followers of Karyath, but they are only hints. There are Erethane holy sites scattered throughout the Archipelago and older lands. Some are in quite dangerous locations now.

Game mechanics

  • Major restrictions: Do not forsake the Erethane life; do not be prideful or extreme in your ways.
  • Major requirements: Respect the Dark, the Light and the Grey; seek balance in your life; seek wisdom.
  • Minor restrictions: Don’t worship non-Erethane Powers.
  • Minor requirements: When you see the Whirlpool, sing the song of creation; when you see the Sun in the morning, sing the song of Law; when you see the Veil, sing the song of balance.
  • Times of reckoning: When the Veil shows her face (rare full moons); when the full Whirlpool is visible; eclipses; adulthood.
  • Rituals & intervention: Asking for forgiveness (through singing long songs); meditation (again, through singing); pilgrimage (to Erethane holy sites); miracles; oaths; blessings.
  • Conversion: Anyone may become an Erethane, although it takes a long time before an outsider will be treated as a full equal to lifelong Erethanes.

Major Powers

  • The Dark: Benevolence +1; Lawfulness +0; Influence -2. The source of everything.
  • The Light: Benevolence +0; Lawfulness +1; Influence -1. The bringer of life and order.
  • The Grey: Benevolence +1; Lawfulness +0; Influence +0. The Balance and source of wisdom.

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