New Traits for Blade & Crown: Loud

The Traits listed in Blade & Crown were never intended to be the only ones possible; many, many more have yet to be invented and described. As another occasional series, I’m going to describe other Traits that I’ve come up with over the years. This is the first.


You are loud. You have no indoor voice; not only do you go up to eleven, you usually stay there. This can help you be heard across long distances, or in the heat of battle; and you can be hard to ignore or rebuff. But you also have a hard time being stealthy (“ARE WE SNEAKING NOW?”), and subtleties of register may sometimes be lost on you. It doesn’t mean you’re thick-headed, though — just really, really not quiet.

There’s a pre-gen character in one of my set scenarios who has this Trait. As the sheet says, “Think of Brian Blessed.” Every time I’ve GMed the scenario, the character has been one of the first picked, and one of the most enjoyable. Players have a great time being a very loud, very large ham. When appropriately allowed for in the social contract (gotta watch out for this Trait being an excuse to hog the spotlight), this can be loads of fun.

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