Phoenix Games

As part of catching up on Twin Cities gaming history (and specifically of local FLGSs), I’ve been reminded of a pernicious falsehood that still floats around: the rumor that Phoenix Games went out of business. A lot of people seem to think that Tower Games took the place of Phoenix, or even that the Source is the only FLGS around. Baffling!

Phoenix Games did not go out of business. They didn’t even go internet-only. They just moved to Deephaven, near Minnetonka. The store isn’t as large as it was on Lake Street, but it’s definitely still a brick-and-mortar business; I bought a couple Osprey books there just this past summer. If you hear someone say they’re out of business, or that they only sell on the net, or that some other FLGS has taken the reins from them… well, please help set the record right.

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