Would you buy a book of my essays?

Illustration of a bookI’ve been toying with the idea of putting together a collection of essays. Some original, certainly; there are fair number of things I’d like to set down but haven’t had the right space for. I’d also include some things that I’ve written here and elsewhere. It would be nice to develop some of the ideas further, perhaps link them together better with some interstitial notions, maybe tie more of them into a cohesive whole. Probably a bit more editing around the edges. I’ve been toying with the central theme of “Geekery without Guilt”. What do you think?


Would you buy a book of my essays? — 1 Comment

  1. I would check it out as long as I could get it digitally. Admittedly, I am not reading much these days. I am even busier now with the business of parenting than I was before the pandemic -something that I would have thought impossible in February. We don’t have room for more physical books, though, as they’re likely to become pressed into service as improvised toys or art project material by the twins.

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