Illustration for ConTessa conWhile I’m still recovering from WisCon (and that will take a few days), I should note this: ConTessa is an online gaming convention coming up in a few weeks. All the games and panels will be run by women, and the con as a whole is open to everyone.

I’m really tempted to run something, but I’d have to register for G+, which I find ethically broken. (Google’s “real names” policy has a lot of problems.) Still, ConTessa is a brilliant idea and I wish it lots of luck.


ConTessa — 2 Comments

  1. I thought Google dropped the real names policy? But I stopped really caring when they made it clear that their goal was to design a Web 14.0 user interface so absurdly clunky that it would never be worth using anyway.

    • They allow some pseudonyms, but the main policy is still in place.

      It’d be nice if Google’s various niches could be taken over by smaller, nicer organizations.

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