JonCon 2013, part V: Reflections

JonCon is kinda quirky in some ways — scheduling is still a bit of a muddle to me and I often get the impression that I’m missing a bunch of background history — but I’m starting to get the hang of it. I certainly enjoyed what I played this year: two Fate games, and two fairly crunchy games. Last year, I had a real problem with the PCs that were available for me, as a woman, to play; but this year, there was a good variety of choice. And because we created PCs from scratch in two of the games, that didn’t even start to be a problem (a real advantage for doing PC generation at the con, if you can do it smoothly and quickly).

Overall, it was a great weekend. There was some great and innovative GMing on display, and the level of play was also quite high. I highly recommend going if you can swing an invitation.

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