Gaming Hoopla

Something I forgot to note in my slew of Con of the North posts: a couple weeks from now (April 19-21), there will be a pretty nifty gaming convention in Wisconsin called Gaming Hoopla. They now have their event listing up, and it looks like there are quite a few interesting games scheduled. Not a lot of RPGs, but a good number.

Rokko the Dwarf from Search for the Emperor's TreasureFor me, the biggest draw is one of their guests: Tom Wham. He’ll be running a bunch of games there. I’ve never been one for pro-worship, but he’s definitely a game creator I’d like to meet. Search for the Emperor’s Treasure has always been one of my favorite pseudo-RPGs, and I like most of his slew of boardgames, with their funny, silly attitude that mask deep mechanics. I’d love to play games with him, and perhaps ask how negotiation is supposed to work in SftET.

Real life won’t permit me to attend, but if you go, I’d love to hear a report!


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  1. I was just thinking that I would like to play Search for the Emperor’s Treasure again!

    Janesville, eh? It’s “close” to us, but the 2.5-hour drive sort of close, so I’m sure we won’t make it either.

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