Con of the North 2015, part 4: Artemis

Unfortunately, after that disappointing HârnMaster game, this was disappointing, too. I’ve raved about Artemis plenty of times here before. I still think it’s a completely new kind of game, one that we’re still just beginning to explore. And I still … Continue reading

2014 gaming round-up

What games did I play in 2014? I don’t really try to track all the different games I play, mostly just to enjoy them while I’m playing them. Still, it’s interesting to think about what all I’ve played recently. Here … Continue reading

Convergence 2014, part 2: Gaming When You Have a Life

The next, second, and last, panel I was on at Convergence 2014. The topic was pretty similar to last year’s “I’m Getting Too Old to Find Time to Game”, so we were a little worried about repeating territory already trod. … Continue reading

Con of the North 2014, part 5: Artemis

Saturday night, I had somehow managed to get tickets for two two-hour blocks of Artemis Starship Bridge Simulator in a row. As I’ve mentioned before, I find this game to be pretty revolutionary — it’s equal parts LARP, LAN game, … Continue reading

Convergence 2013, part 7: Actual gaming

Like a lot of general-purpose SF conventions, I didn’t do much actual gaming at Convergence. There’s a lot of gaming on the 22nd floor, but a) getting there, with the long lines for the elevators, is a major hassle and … Continue reading