Funny how that works

A rainbow, apparently moving between two cloudsThe latest XKCD is pretty funny. It’s also an idea I had more than a decade ago. Made a game about it, in fact. Didn’t have much luck with it, though, because reasons. I don’t begrudge Randall his very funny cartoon, nor do I think he stole the idea from me. (Not directly, anyway. Who knows how ideas percolate through the public semi-conscious.) Nor can I be sure the idea is totally original to me. But it does peeve me plenty that the cartoon will probably generate more income for Randall than the same basic idea ever did for me.

How often does some already-famous cis hetero able-bodied white guy (AFCHAWG) get tons of success with an idea that was first had by a non-AFCHAWG person, a long time ago?

I also expect that someday soon, some AFCHAWG will get super successful from publishing a campaign wiki via Patreon or in installment payments or whatever, just like what I tried (really hard) to do with Calteir. Some AFCHAWG will get tons of traction, where I got none. I dislike that, a lot.

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