New Traits for Blade & Crown: Naïve

Another B&C Trait, not inspired by anything in particular:


You are naïve. You tend to assume the purest motives in others, to look at the world with childish simplicity, and to perhaps assume that the way things appear now is as they always have been.

Your naïvety may persuade others, with the innocence of babes; and it may cause others to let down their guard, where perhaps they shouldn’t. But your simplistic outlook on the world may also cause others to discount your ideas, or may cause you to be easily manipulated — or to have a reputation for being easily manipulated.

May need further specificity regarding what you’re naïve about. Perhaps you are naïve about how the wilderlands work, while still being quite cunning about life in the big towns. Or naïve about the ways of magic, while having a strong innate talent for it. Or naïve about whether a given block of text should be italicized or not.

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