Minicon 50, part 6: Wrap-up

The Minicon blimpMinicon 50 was overall very good. There were more than twice the usual number of members, which meant that it had a very lively feeling. Even though the total membership was about the same as WisCon, it didn’t feel as crowded as WisCon sometimes can, because the Minicon hotel was larger. (I’m still pretty thoroughly in favor of the RadiShTree for Minicon, though its options for programming rooms always mean difficult choices.)

Lots of programming was great; only one panel I went to wasn’t very good. There were some programming problems behind the scenes, but they mostly worked out in the end.

I got to do some good gaming, the consuite was generally superb, and it was good to hang out with folks I knew and folks I didn’t know.

I’m of course biased, since I do several things on the Minicon concomm (I’m part of the programming staff, I was involved with the code of conduct committee, and I usually design and print the pocket program), but I do all that because I enjoy Minicon and like helping to make it happen. Minicon has just about the right mix of serious and silly for me, with a nice helping of socializing.

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