Minicon 50, part 5: Actual gaming

I managed to get a fair amount of actual gaming done at and around Minicon 50:

  • Star Traders: The aforementioned pre-con game. It was nice to have this before the game, because as I mentioned, it seems like it’s getting harder and harder to play longer games at a con. (Or anytime, in fact.)
  • Zar: I played several games of this, winning a couple. Zar produces fun in a nice, semi-automatic way.
  • Spot It: I played this once, for just a few minutes. It’s a good filler game where you compete to spot some basic symbols on cards before your fellow players do. It plays very fast.
  • Moneyduck: There was no Mega Moneyduck reveal this year, but I added a drawing to the scroll and played several regular sessions of the game.
  • Build a World. As I previously detailed, this was a lot of fun, if slightly cramped by scheduling constraints.
  • Trivia for Chocolate: I was thinking this might turn out to be irrelevant or uninteresting, but it was instead fun, distracting, quick and well-designed. There was a good variety of questions. I ended up getting a bunch of correct answers by knowing too much about Philip K. Dick. Go figure. Priscilla and Marc Olson ran this adeptly.

I think I may also have played a quick game of Timeline while waiting for something else to materialize.

No RPGs, and not much that was very in-depth, but still, lots of good gaming. That’s something I enjoy about Minicon: it’s entirely possible to go to a thoughtful panel, then follow it up with a light boardgame. There are many kinds of enjoyment available at Minicon.

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