Snippets from Calteir: King Thardan IV, “the Great”

Name Thardan IV
Official Name King Thardan IV of Morensia, Duke of Marbrae
Profession King
Born 54 SD (901 SR)
Died 114 SD (961 SR)

Thardan was the tenth king of the Semlaren Dynasty.

Thardan IV was the son of Perseda III. His grandmother was Denavia I, and while she was Queen, her first husband was Thardan. Although that Thardan was not the monarch, he was still King and thus is considered the titular Thardan III. That is why the monarch with the name “Thardan” who preceded Thardan IV was Thardan II.

Thardan is often considered to be the most effective and greatest ruler of the Semlaren Dynasty. He reigned from 74 SD to 114 SD.


  • One of his accomplishments was instituting the Mercenaries’ Guild and Adventurers’ Guild. Many bandit groups had formed or strengthened during the chaos of King Pereton I‘s reign, and they had been growing in power since that time. Thardan recognized the hopelessness of trying to eliminate them, and instead brought them into the fold by making them legal enterprises.
  • Another of his accomplishments was that, in 99 SD, to mark the 25th year of his reign, he held the Great Holiday. It lasted a month, a week and a day (36 days) and helped to realign the Morensian calendar more closely to the astronomical one.
  • In 100 SD, he granted Marbrae a charter, making it a City. He made himself Duke of Marbrae, and retroactively declared all past monarchs of the Semlaren Dynasty to have been Dukes and Duchesses of Marbrae.
  • He donated quite extensively to the Temples, helping build many of their largest or most extravagant edifices.

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