Minicon 49, part 5: Actual play & wrap-up

Minicon logoI didn’t do a whole lot of gaming at Minicon 49. A hoped-for game of Star Traders didn’t pan out. But I played a bit of Zar; played a couple rounds of Moneyduck (our local variant of EPYC) as well as taking part in the final Mega-Moneyduck reveal; ran the previously mentioned Build a World!; and had some nice chats about gaming and RPGs. And I think I might’ve played some other games that are just not registering in my mind right now.

Overall, Minicon 49 was pretty dang good. There were some scheduling hiccups, but other than that, it went really well. Lots of great conversations, some excellent programming, good food, a great atmosphere and good gaming. As always, well worth the effort.

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