Twelve dozens

12 logoIn November of 2012, I made a post about the Traveller supplements 76 Patrons. It inspired me to do a number of posts with twelve variations. I chose twelve rather than, say, six or ten, because a) it pushes me to come up with creative alternatives and b) it works handily with the Variation Die in Blade & Crown.

Since that time, I’ve written twelve such posts. Time for a round-up!

  1. Item: A Reliquary. Strange old bones, holy relics or something else?
  2. Making Sages Work. 12 ways to make sages make sense.
  3. Classification Scheme for Objects Found in Zone 6N. 123 objects to find in the Zone.
  4. Item: An Amphora. Why would someone put runes and a mud stopper on such a mundane vessel?
  5. Places: A Forest Mound. A strange mound deep in the forest.
  6. How to Invoke That Item?. Different ways to make an enchanted item work.
  7. Items: Random Provenance. History makes for interesting tales.
  8. Item: A Castle-tipped Staff. A strange artifact with some interesting possibilities.
  9. Item: A Warhammer. A rare and deadly armament.
  10. Festivals in Gaming. Adventurous possibilities when festival time draws near.
  11. Places: The Sapphire Dome. A beautiful and dangerous place.
  12. Encounters: The Tea-Seller. He brews the best tea around.

And here’s a bonus, which includes twelve different possible denouements:

  1. Adventure Seed: Tenement Defense. How will you defend your home against marauding foes?
Another week without an update! Apologies — life has been extremely hectic lately.

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