One year!

Birthday cakeIt’s already been a year on this blog! Wow. There have been something like 16,000 visits; 162 comments; untold pieces of spam; and 144 posts. Blade & Crown, and this blog, continue to be rewarding for me. I hope they are for you, too! Here’s looking forward to even more cool stuff in the future (and thank the powers that be for working spam filters)!

And because why not, here’s a gaming idea: do your characters ever celebrate birthdays? Seems like even in games I’ve had where birthdays are generated (HârnMaster, primarily), those birthdays never came up after their initial generation. Of course, that demands the question of how birthdays are celebrated in a given game culture. Do people eat cake? What about longevity noodles? Maybe it’s tradition to capture a bear on your 22nd birthday as a sign of adulthood; maybe a magical effect only takes place when you reach 63. It makes me think of rites of passage and liminal states — all interesting things to include in a game!

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