Weekly group: On the back burner

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Is that stovetop gettin’ a mite crowded?

After tonight’s game (a fun take on the standard train robbery scenario), we briefly listed what games we currently have on the back burner:

  1. Eric’s Blade & Crown game. The two main PCs (here’s mine) had managed to become members of a pirate crew, and were working their way back towards Morensia to raise an army and defeat the brewing Two Suns/Three Suns cult. I’m still raring to play more of this; my character is fun, her interaction with John’s character is fun, I like the setting (Eric’s take on my Morensia background), and of course I just like playing Blade & Crown.
  2. The Alwyn campaign. John’s Fate game set in the far future Twin Cities, with a sorta post-apocalyptic civilization against the background of a Babylon 5 universe.
  3. “40 Microscopes“, as Bob put it. We’ve played quite a few games of this, and frequently said “Wow, I really want to revisit this world sometime” when we’re done. Except every time the player composition seems to be different, or I’ve forgotten the other sessions’ cards, or something, so we end up doing a new history.
  4. Owl Hoot Trail. We did a starting scenario of this and are planning more sessions.
  5. Diaspora. Our main game, set in a cluster we designed. I no longer remember what we were doing in this game, though I’m sure looking at my notes would help. However, as we discussed tonight, playing in this cluster might not be much fun, because the player makeup is different and part of the point is to play in a cluster of the group’s own devise.
  6. Diaspora: the generation ship. This was quite a fun adventure, but it appears that we’ve reached a logical conclusion. I bet we could do more with this, but maybe it’s complete as is.

That list is sort of in order of my preference for bringing games back off the burner; I’d definitely like to revisit Eric’s B&C game sometime. It would also allow for new players to join in easily, because we’ve got a whole pirate crew from which to find new allies. But all these games would be fun.

By contrast, my monthly group only sort of has one game on hold — my Spheres campaign. But we haven’t run that for years, and I feel like it’d be hard to pick back up. Not to mention that I haven’t felt like running SF much in the past half-decade or so.

Edit: Here are three more I’d forgotten to note, as mentioned in the comments:

  • Viking Barsoom. Inspired by one of our many Microscope histories, I think the genesis of this was the phrase “Space 889”.
  • Dogs in the Vineyard. We played this relatively straight, with the PCs as troubleshooters for a socialist commune. This is still ongoing, if I remember right, although I think it reached the end of the first scenario.
  • Og. We’ve usually played this as a one-shot, but there’s one group of characters who’ve been through a few (mis-)adventures together.

So we’ve got about nine games on the back burner, it seems.


Weekly group: On the back burner — 3 Comments

  1. We had talked about doing an RPG Campaign based on the Viking Barsoom scenario we did with Microscope too. With the pacifist reptilian socialists from the Outer System. That could be pretty fun science fantasy to play, and Microscope seems ideal as a springboard for episodic play.

    • Several of our Microscope games have had that “I really want to play in this world now!” feel. The Viking Barsoom one especially.

      And I realize I forgot to list Eric’s Dogs in the Vineyard game, too! I think that one’s still ongoing, isn’t it?

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